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Handicap accessible bathtub remodel

I have just completed this project, which started with a fiberglass one piece tub and shower surround. The fiberglass tub had began to crack and leak into the subfloor.

After removing the one piece shell, I went after the plumbing which was antiquated and leaking at the valve. Once I had replaced the old plumbing I began installing the new alcove bathtub and surround.

Because of the Inch and a half of empty space that existed between the old shell and the wall, our new tub was now inset 1 and 1/2 inches from where the old tub met the linoleum flooring, I filled this gap with subfloor and then a row of tile which made a nice transition from tub to linoleum.

Finally, I installed two grab bars, with these bars installed my clients can now safely move into and out of the tub without the danger of falling and becoming injured.

This project is very rewarding because not only am I compensated for my work, but I also know that I have helped to improve the quality of life of two amazing people who just needed a little help with safety.

Thank you for reading!

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